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Sales Period: 7 January - 1 February 2017

Travel Period: 7 January - 21 Jun 2017 (last return date)

Destinations: Spain, Europe, America (BOS is not included)

Founded: 1986


Destinations: More than 200 flights daily

Alliances: Sky Team

Fleet: 44 aircraft

Airbus A330-200, Boeing 737-800, Boeing 787-800, Boeing 787-900, Embraer 195 y Embraer 145

Loyalty Programs: Flying Blue

Air Europa History

Air Europa was founded by Air España SA in 1984, although the first charter flights took place between Spain and the United Kingdom in 1986. At first, it was part of the English tour operator ILG but in 1991 ILG went bankrupt and the airline passed into the hands of Viajes Halcón.

After being part of different tour operators, today Air Europa belongs to Globalia Corporación Empresarial. The airline had as a tradition to use only Boeing aircraft, but in 2005 introduced Airbus to its fleet. In 2007, along with Copa Airlines and Kenya Airways became part of the alliance SkyTeam.

Air Euroapa Hub Airports

International Airport of Barajas – Madrid

Stats and numbers

In 2007, Air Europa became part of the alliance Sky Team.

20% of the annual turnover comes from its international route Madrid – Caracas. Air Europa has approximately 3,000 employees. 87.27% of Air Europa flights are on time.

Important Milestones

In 2013, Air Europa was in charge of 8 Boeing 787-900 Dreamliner and 8 Boeing 737-800 aircraft. Air Europa founded different subsidiaries like Air Europa Express or Air Europa Canarias but both were closed in 2001.

In 1997, part of its fleet was acquired by Iberia.

Air Europa Airports


In Spain:

1. Bilbao Airport
2. Asturias Airport
3. Santiago de Compostela Airport
4. Vigo Airport
5. Madrid Airport
6. Zaragoza Airport
7. Barcelona Airport
8. Valencia Airport
9. Alicante Airport
10. Sevilla Airport
11. Granada Airport
12. Málaga Airport
13. Tenerife Norte Airport
14. Tenerife Sur Airport
15. Gran Canaria Airport
16. Lanzarote Airport
17. Fuerteventura Airport
18. Ibiza Airport
19. Palma de Mallorca Airport
20. Menorca Airport

In England:

21. London Airport

In Netherlands:

22. Amsterdam Airport

In Portugal:

23. Lisbon Airport

In France:

24. Paris Airport

In Italy:

25. Milan Airport

26. Rome Airport

In Switzerland:

27. Geneva Airport


28. Dakar Airport


29. New York Airport

30. Miami Airport

31. Havana Airport

32. Mexico DF Airport

33. Cancun Airport

34. Santo Domingo Airport

35. Punta Cana Airport

36. Caracas Airport

37. Lima Airport

38. Salvador Airport

39.Buenos Aires Airport

Air Europa Classes of Service

Air Europa has two air classes for its domestic and international flights: Tourist and Business. The major difference between them regarding hand luggage is that in Business class depending on the destination the passenger can carry one or two luggage up to 14kg and 18kg in total respectively. While passengers of the Tourist class can only have one hand luggage weighting up to 10kg.

Air Europa Lounges

Passengers flying in Business class will be able to enjoy the different VIP lounges in 39 airports, in which Air Europa operates, when they request such service at the time of flight check-in.
Air Europa VIP lounges are equipped with air conditioning, a newspaper, internet access and different TV programs. Among other services, you can enjoy both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks along with different snacks.

In-Flight Entertainment

A wide range of audiovisual content is available on board for all passengers depending on the duration of the flight; On intercontinental flights passengers, can enjoy the latest films projected on their personal screen.
Also, during the flight, passengers can enjoy the national and international press as well as magazines such as Gentelman, CInemanía and Baylon among others.
Air Europa, like many other airlines, offers to all its passengers its own "Europe" magazine with different themes along with different tax-free products that passengers can purchase during their flight.
For flights in Business class customers can taste exquisite dishes made by the best cooks, passengers who fly in the Tourist class can benefit from catering service on board, always depending on the duration of the flight.

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